kungfuren Selfie Stick Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Japan Seiko PCB Protection and 50-Hour Battery Life for iPhone 7 Selfie Stick iPhone 7 Plus best Selfie Sticks iPhone 6 Plus other Smartphones BLACK

Price: $19.98
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  • HIGH CAPACITY, DURABLE BATTERY: Selfie stick for iphone 7 plus use 95Mah battery with Seiko PCB, which has a 50-hour battery life – most iphone 6 selfie sticks in the market use 20 life hour battery.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Turn it on, pair it with bluetooth selfie stick android and then snap. The selfie stick bluetooth 270-degree adjustable head ensures that you find the best angles when taking photos.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE EXTENSION FROM 11″ – 40″: Adjust the length for selfie stick iphone 6s to get the best selfie sticks perfect shot. Use selfie stick iphone 6 plus and a longer length in more scenery.
  • UNIVERSAL PHONE HOLDER : You can use the universal iphone 7 selfie stick phone holder for device up to 3.25″ wide. Also selfie wireless bluetooth stick With an wrist strap for safety.
  • LIGHT AND COMPACT: The selfie stick will fit in your handbag, making it ideal for a spontaneous selfie – at only 11″ long when retracted, this iphone selfie stick iphone can fit into any small bag.

This latest Bluetooth selfie stick features a one-piece design. Also,selfie stick for iphone 7 plus is the smallest iphone 6 selfie sticks,selfie wireless bluetooth stick on the market.

This best selfie sticks design brings many advantages to users. First, thisselfie stick iphone 6 plus U-shape clamp makes itself even smaller. Second, this rotatable U-shape clamp can just roll over and fit the stick …Purchase Details …